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Prodigy Investigations - Surveillance

Are all facts in all cases equal?

When questionable claims come under scrutiny, how does one have confidence in the information collected?

How do we know for certain that the “facts” presented are not only an accurate representation of what happened but that they have been properly acquired and diligently followed up?


After four decades of investigations and surveillance, we can tell you this:


employers helped to close claims faster


surveillance operations successfully delivered in more than 65 countries


saved for clients, worldwide

Prodigy Investigations - Fraudulent Claims

The answer to the explosion of fraudulent claims does not lie in gadgets, shortcuts or an expensive army of investigators.

The answer lies in the last place you'd expect to find it: in the meticulous processes, reports and resulting conclusions of the investigative agency.

When it comes to acquiring indisputable evidence, there is no substitute for real, tireless, and diligent investigative work and surveillance.

Facts, reliably obtained, intelligently collected, and accurately and irrefutably presented close cases consistently.

This is the reason investigations fail. They're put in the hands of inexperienced investigators or those merely running up hours without serving the client's best interests.

This is why, for the last four decades, we have enjoyed a reputation for providing facts, not fiction.

That's why we recruit and train investigators who live up to our standard:  
Meticulous investigations, flawlessly executed.



Unmatched clarity of surveillance video providing irrefutable evidence.


Fraudulent employee claims are costly to all businesses. By intelligent interviews, patience and persistence, we unearth the facts that help dismiss fraudulent injury claims and settle exaggerated ones.

Corporate Investigations

Uncovering fraudulent, unethical or covert activities inside an organization is a delicate operation. We have a matchless track record of results in this field.

Locates/Skip Tracking

Our team of investigators have unfailingly located people in over 60 countries.  We can find anyone - guaranteed.

Background Checks

Knowledge is power and is also smart business.  We find all the background information you need so you're not blindsided by undisclosed baggage.

Facts, Not Fiction

Facts, reliably gotten and intelligently collected, close cases at a velocity that questionable findings can’t. That’s why we recruit and train only those who live up to our standard: meticulous investigations, flawlessly executed.
We look forward to servicing you.

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